Ultimate Mud Warrior – Oklahoma – 2012

Ultimate Mud Warrior – Oklahoma – 2012

Ultimate Mud Warrior - The Mud Races

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You can do this! Ultimate Mud Warrior is a 400+ acre course consisting of hills, trees, flat land trails, lakes, and a nearby river. We started with wooded areas, sand, dirt, clay, and mud.. fired up the heavy equipment, added a little sweat and came up with a course that can truly challenge your mind, body, and spirit. When we say “wooded trails”, we’re not running you under a tree, and calling it ‘wooded”.. we have about 3k of trails in light to heavy woods. This is one sweet trail!


November 3, 2012


$59 USD
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3501 NE 10th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
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Ultimate Mud Warrior – Oklahoma – 2012

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