Spartan Race: What to expect on a Spartan Race Mud Run

Spartan Race has made it their goal to keep their courses evolving and you might just not find two courses alike from their line of events. If you have been a Spartan before, you already have an idea on what the course would be like but certain surprise obstacles can still make you say “This is crazy!” along the way. We know you have been preparing for this and here’s to get you more inspired.

Spartan Race - More Fun with Friends
Yes this is a mud run and yes there’s fire. This is considered to be a Spartan race staple, each event is not complete without a course that asks you to leap over fire. Now you can proudly say “I jumped over fire!”.

Walls and a lot of it
You will have to go under it, around it, over it or through it with the Spartan race course. This series of wooden wall courses can range from easy to medium difficulty for mud runners.

Uphill and Downhill
You’ll run uphill and downhill. That sounds easy but running in a single file through very steep hill while you are surrounded by grasses taller than you can be a challenge. You want an even challenging one? Let’s add a 40 lb sandbag to the run! Yup! We know you’ll be challenged. Alert: This part of the course can cause you to seriously slow down because you can’t pass through the tired Spartan racers ahead of you. Our advice? Use this course to let loose and gain some energy, you’ll surely need it on the next set of obstacles.

Balance beams
Work up on your balance because you’ll surely need it! The Spartan race course includes a balance beam obstacle. The beams can be really narrow and if you fall off, you are entitled to a series of burpees.

Cargo Net Climb
You know this if you have played in the kids park when you were younger but this one should be as much more challenging than the one you have climbed before.

It isn’t called a mud race if there isn’t any! You’ll encounter it here and there and we’re sure you’ll have fun, swimming through it, crawling under barbed wire in it and running through it. Embrace the mud for each Spartan race will be filled with loads of it.

There’s still a lot of courses left to discuss but let’s reserve that for the next post shall we? We’re quite sure this list will already make you start training for the next Spartan race event. Seems like you need a longer time to prepare? No worries! Sign up to the Nebraska Spartan Sprint on October 12, 2013. A year will give you enough time to warm up. Sign up today (until April 30th) to take advantage of their Early Bird promo, pay only $60 instead of $100! Hurry now while the event is still filling up. We expect to see you there!

Nebraska Spartan Sprint, October 12, 2013, Sign Up Now for this Spartan Race!

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